Business IT Solutions: all a bit 'Heath Robinson'?

Fragmented IT support? Organic and unmanaged IT evolution? Running your business on the family PC? The expertise and reliability now needed exceeding the competency of the office junior, out-of-hours mate or family member? We will relieve the stress induced by outgrowing this model and struggling with today’s IT dependency, by taking ownership of your IT challenges and applying best practice, to allow you to focus on your core business and servicing your customers.

We recognise the dilemmas of small businesses, and as your IT partner it is our role to anticipate your changing needs, understand your long term business objectives, and establish and implement the solutions.

Business IT Solutions: Managed Services Provider

Our proactive and integrated services approach from remote monitoring and cloud services management to long-term IT strategy development, supplants the traditional short term, reactive, unstructured and more costly ‘break-fix’ model of external technical support (particularly when in conjunction with an economical Service Level Agreement). As a Managed Services Provider we can fulfil the role of a full-time company IT manager, by taking responsibility for your entire IT system and its administration, reducing your costs, and freeing you from your IT burden.

By outsourcing your IT management you’ll be filling your skills gap in a highly cost-effective manner by sharing our experience and resources with businesses with similar needs.

Business IT Solutions: adding tangible business value

IT is still often seen as a support (maintenance) function rather than a direct driver of revenue growth. As a business’ expert and strategic partner we can help owners overcome the IT obstacles to that progress. We have a proven record of delivering effective long-term client relationships, and contributing to their growth and development by determining and exploiting IT developments (improving efficiency and productivity, minimising downtime etc), so reducing expenditure and protecting their investments.

We add tangible business value, demonstrated by our contribution to clients’ strategic decisions, and the introduction of solutions which give their businesses a competitive edge.

What we offer


One-off issue resolution

Dropping network connections? Malware infection? Need a new email service or shared office calendar setting up? Software or operating system errors? Lost access to your database? Coffee spilt on a laptop? Need data from a failed or old machine?

Software Installations, Configuration & Upgrades

Exploit the potential of emerging technologies and your systems: deploy networked application suites, security/endpoint protection packages, scalable cloud-based tools and Software-As-A-Service integration, inc. Sage, Microsoft Outlook/365 and Google Apps. Managed OS upgrade rollouts etc.

Hardware Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance

Laptop with a cracked screen or intermittent power socket? Extend your assets’ lifecycle: upgrade your PCs’ memory, add a second hard-drive in a ‘RAID array’ (for extra space or self-replicating backup), or enable dual-screen working by fitting a discrete graphics card.

System & Network Installation & Configuration

From home office desktop PC with printer, to fully wireless multi-building sites with assorted local and remote devices employing networked resources (servers, professional workgroup printers etc).



Loan equipment available, many parts and accessories stocked.

Data Security

Today’s emerging cybersecurity ‘attack vectors’ should be addressed by employing multiple threat protection solutions: deploy enterprise-grade intrusion prevention, encryption, and internet security/endpoint protection, and safeguard against data loss due to hardware failure (or user error) with an established and tested backup policy, and regular user education.


IT Project Execution & Management

Need to handle an increasing or more complex workflow? Moving premises? Taking on new staff? We will determine and future-proof your IT requirements, manage the procurement, and execute the installation etc. Investigating new enterprise applications? We will define your objectives, establish the scope and identify the solution, then develop the software specification with the vendor, undertake testing, and manage the implementation and user rollout.

Mobile/Device Synchronisation & Cross-Platform Integration

Securely integrate your mobile devices into your business systems, whichever ‘ecosystem’ you employ (Apple, Android, or Microsoft): synchronised email, calendars, project management, file access etc. Introduce a BYOD policy to safeguard your network, and your data.



100% parts recycling (Environment Agency/WEEE Certified).

Web Development & DIgital Marketing

We will define your objectives and the project scope according to your budget, then develop the site specifications. We’ll build and administer your online presence by creating a bespoke website employing existing designs and assets, or originating the artwork and generating content. We can also manage your digital newsletter marketing campaign, producing designs consistent with your site.

Remote Access/Working

Enable remote access to your office resources: PCs with local applications, server databases, networked file storage etc. Deploy cloud services to work with your booking, accounting or CRM etc packages and productivity suites anywhere. Rigorous security/endpoint protection is essential.

IT Strategy

Developing and executing a long-term IT plan that reflects the current needs and likely future growth of your business can become a contributing driver to that growth and ensure the best use of your budget: eg. exploring emerging subscription-based cloud solutions as alternatives to expensive hardware/capital procurement.



Structured, custom and flexible packages, for a predictable fixed overhead.



Full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

There are a range of ways in which we can help you…

You can call us directly on 01869 352002 for 'phone troubleshooting, instruction, or general assistance. If necessary an on-site visit or collection will be arranged.

Particularly for hardware-based jobs (eg. installations, networking) we can come out to you. Otherwise your equipment can be brought back to our workshop for repair.

Alternatively, we offer remote desktop support (providing the issue isn't your internet connection!), enabling us to access your machines from our office. Instant, and cheaper for you.

Please get in touch to arrange a meeting, and discuss how we can support your business

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You’re always in control

We’ll carefully evaluate your needs or diagnose the issue, and offer you the best solutions or options, and estimate the costs. These, and any potential consequences, will be detailed for you to make an informed decision. At every stage we’ll confirm that you’re happy to proceed, and, as we operate a simple fee structure, you’ll know what to expect on your invoice.

Don’t just take it from us…

ComputerPro has been delivering expert, friendly and professional IT/Computer Support to North Oxon region’s businesses for over 15 years.

We’ve earned our reputation by providing our clients with an exceptional service, and level of care, and building our role as a trusted partner. By valuing and listening to our clients, we have achieved very high customer retention and referral rates.

Very many thanks for your prompt and effective help. Excellent service, great to have someone I can call on in a panic.


Managing Director, Environmental Geotechnics Ltd

They do a fantastic job for us, and speak in non IT language for people like us!


Managing Director, Auteur Ltd

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