Through these continuing strange and concerning times we wish to protect everyone’s health and ensure that our customers feel both safe and comfortable using our services. Please find below our policies for visitors to our office, and our visits to your premises.

Visiting our office
If you are coming to our office to simply drop off equipment, we ask that this is left outside, weather permitting, and one of us will bring it in immediately. If you are coming in to talk to us, we ask that you put on a face mask before entering and use the hand sanitiser provided. Should you not have one, we have spare disposable face masks available. Please apply sensible social distancing measures at all times, we will do likewise!

Onsite visits
Our engineers will wear a face mask when visiting you, and hands will be sanitised before entering your premises. We will apply social distancing measures, and would be grateful if this could be reciprocated. Please do not hesitate to make the engineer aware if you wish him to wash his hands before touching any equipment, or take any further preventative measures.

We hope you are enjoying the summer and wish you the very best!